Pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work.
~ Aristotle

We have two programs available:

Professional Massage Therapy Program – 500 hours
Mastery Massage Therapy Program – 570 hours

Either program will prepare you for your board exam and your new career.
Both programs offer additional advanced modalities.

Business & Ethics 45 hours (12 days)
From advertising practices to maintaining tax documents, this dynamic and insightful course will equip you to build a massage practice you can be proud of and in which you can enjoy. In addition, we will discuss in detail industry ethics, the scope of practice for massage therapy, laws pertaining to massage and all businesses in general.

Hydrotherapy 20 hours (5 days)
Students will learn to use hydrotherapy in a safe and effective manner through demonstrations and hands-on practice. Types of hydrotherapy to be discussed include: whirlpool, hot and cold packs, steam, body wraps, body scrubs, hydrofacials and the various types of showers.

Anatomy & Physiology 75 hours (19 days)
We utilize animated video, exercises, and class projects to help students better comprehend the structure and function of the human body. Additionally, our textbooks are specifically designed for students of massage therapy and correspond with full-color, animated presentations used in class.

Pathology 40 hours (10 days)
Pathology is the study of human disease and the effects of the disease on the human body. This information is important to the massage therapist because there are conditions where massage would require caution or perhaps not recommended. It is also critical to recognize potential pathologies and inform clients of their risk.

Health & Hygiene 20 hours (5 days)
Students will study and understand indications and contraindications to massage, the effects of stress, the importance of proper body mechanics and self care, proper sanitation for equipment and the importance of good personal hygiene practices.

Massage Techniques 200 hours (50 days)

This subject allows us to teach the art of massage therapy. We begin with basic Swedish Massage strokes and gradually work students into providing a wonderful relaxing massage. The goal of this subject is to impart the science and art of massage therapy to every student to provide a relaxing massage, taking into account the fact that every client is an individual and has individual needs in their massage. Once the student is confident in their Swedish skills we introduce several other vital techniques such as Deep Tissue Trigger Point therapy, Chair and Sports massage.

Kinesiology 50 hours (13 days)
Understanding the structure and function of the human body with an emphasis on the muscular and skeletal systems is of utmost importance for the skilled massage therapist.

Internship 50 hours for Basic, 120 for Mastery
Your clinical internship will be the most rewarding part of your massage therapy education. You will complete the internship in our facility, providing massage & spa services to our established clientele.

These are all the tools you will need to become licensed with the State of Texas and begin your new career. Training at the Institute of Bodywork Studies puts equipment, resources and training facilities at your fingertips. We are your premiere source for life long learning.

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